When you think about it, it’s not our skills and experience, or our talents, or even our personality, that get us out of bed in the morning; it’s our motivation. Knowing what motivates us as teachers allows us to seek the right roles and responsibilities at work and gain the most satisfaction from what we do. 

MyMotivators uses a tried-and-tested tool designed by James Sale and based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It’s called the Motivational Map®. It involves a short online questionnaire, taking no longer than 10mins to complete. Once completed, you receive a 12-page report showing your intrinsic motivators and how motivated you feel at the current time. The report contains detailed guidance on how to increase and maintain your motivation levels at work.

By completing a Motivational Map®, and receiving the MyMotivators bespoke feedback, you will be unlocking your potential, boosting performance and efficacy, and re-energising your role at school.

MyMotivators does not just identify your top motivators at work; as with any assessment data, it’s not so much what the numbers are, it’s what you do with them next. So MyMotivators provides detailed feedback and guidance on how best to support and monitor the performance of every member of staff, depending on their top motivator and their current motivation levels.

Motivation is a living thing, it’s dynamic and it needs regular ‘health checks’.

In addition to each bespoke feedback summary, we offer general guidance for teachers on how to seek the right roles and responsibilities that will bring them the most satisfaction. Click on the link below to see a sample resource from MyMotivators.

MyMotivators Guide to: Gaining more satisfaction at work