Andrew Hammond regularly works with individuals to identify their motivators at work and home and to help achieve that all-important work-to-life balance. 

Using the renowned Motivational Map, Andrew will help you to find ‘what makes you tick’ and to capitalise on those things that motivate you. Equally important is to find strategies for coping with the things that are demotivating for you, but no less important in our lives.

Motivation is not like a jacket that we put on for work and take off when we get home; it’s with us all the time. Knowing what motivates us, deep down, can have a profound effect on our energy levels, our relationships with others and the personal satisfaction we gain at work and at home. ‘Finding our ‘element’ can be so very rewarding and the Motivational Maps are an effective way of shedding light on what is often invisible to us. We know when we feel motivated, and we know when we don’t, but joining the dots can be hard. Andrew regularly mentors individuals, building a positive and respectful relationship, and helping to build confidence and self-motivation.