We know when our children are the best versions of themselves. We know when they are feeling happy in their own skin and energised by the challenges around them. But we know when they’re not too. There is nothing, nothing at all that matters more to us than our children’s happiness, but often we feel helpless to help them when the ‘itch’ that troubles them is more inside than out.

It’s about motivation – intrinsic motivation. We can offer rewards, and even sanctions when we need to, but the most effective way of helping our children to fulfill their potential and find satisfaction is by appealing to their natural motivators, to help them find their ‘element’.

We know what makes our children tick, but it is very reassuring to see evidence for this in a motivational profile. Mymotivators uses a tried-and-tested tool called Motivational Maps®. Each student is given a short online questionnaire taking no longer than 15 minutes. Once it is complete, you will receive three reports for your child: a parent report, a teacher/mentor report and a parent report.

These reports not only tell you the motivators that your child prioritises, they provide practical guidance on how to help them to maintain their motivation and energy levels. Talking to your children in the language of their motivators will make for a much clearer and supportive dialogue at home. Knowledge of what motivates a child is also very valuable indeed for their teachers at school: it leads to more personalised, effective teaching.

Maps and feedback sessions are available for children from aged 6 upwards. You will be astonished at how accurate they are.