Hammond Consulting works with Non-Profit or Third Sector organisations, using the Motivational Maps to raise staff motivation and build more effective teams.

Whether you are managing a team of salaried staff, part-time assistants or volunteers, understanding what motivates them is key to improving productivity, raising staff morale and improving the efficacy of your team.

Using the renowned Motivational Maps, Hammond Consulting will help you to find out the intrinsic motivations of your staff and volunteers. We offer personal feedback sessions to help individuals capitalise on what motivates them and find coping strategies for those areas that are less motivating. We then provide team reports for senior managers, so that they can see the motivational profiles of their team(s) and identify any areas in which they may be lacking.

Such information is extremely useful when recruiting new staff too. Understanding ‘what makes us tick’ helps to build better group dynamics, reduce absenteeism and get better results all round.