Hammond Consulting uses the tried-and-tested tool called the Motivational Map®. Designed by James Sale, and inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Edgar Shein’s Career Anchors, the Motivational Map® is not a personality profile or a psychometric test. Rather, it focuses on the intrinsic motivators that lie within us all, and how each of us prioritise them differently, depending on our wants and needs and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Once you have completed a short online questionnaire (taking no more than 15 minutes) you will be sent a 12-page report which gives full details on how you rank these motivators, from your top motivator to your ninth one. Importantly, your report will be accompanied by an hour’s feedback session with Andrew Hammond – over the telephone or in person – so that together we can turn your motivational map into practical strategies for the future, helping you capitalise fully on your top motivators and to help you find success in those areas that don’t motivate you too.

Having this knowledge about your management team is invaluable, and having this knowledge for your students means real, personalised learning and holistic teaching.

There are nine motivators, grouped into three distinct clusters: