• provides motivational coaching to educational, non-profit and business organisations
  • helps to build highly motivated and effective teams by enabling better communication
  • works with school leaders and teachers to support teaching and learning 
  • provides INSET training and mentoring to schools



Whether we’re six or sixty, knowing what motivates us gives us insight. It turns the invisible into the visible and helps us find and maintain that all-important ‘flow state‘ – when what we’re doing energises and inspires us to keep going.

Motivation is dynamic; it adapts to our changing circumstances. We don’t know what it looks like or where it lies (though we feel it in our gut rather than our head), but we know when we have it and we know when we don’t. Often it is when we are ‘in our element’.

And yet many of us go through life unaware that it’s our motivation that is affecting the decisions we make and the successes we achieve. It is not our personality, not even our skills, it is our motivation that drives us on. It is our energy.



Knowing what naturally motivates us helps us to find our ‘element’. When we are in our element, we are ‘in flow’ and have the most important quality of all: self-belief. Hammond Consulting helps to identify what motivates you by using the renowned Motivational Map® designed by James Sale. You will receive a 12-page report on your motivators, accompanied by a personal feedback session with trained Motivational Maps® practitioner, Andrew Hammond.

If you’re a senior leader or manager, Hammond Consulting helps you to manage staff performance, support professional development and ensure that your valuable team is highly motivated and collaborative. It’s about building effective communication with colleagues.

If you’re an employee, Hammond Consulting helps you to find fulfilment and direction in your career by capitalising on what motivates you and providing strategies to cope with the areas that are demotivating for you.

Hammond Consulting helps you to understand what makes you tick, why you react the way you do in different situations, and how you can increase your motivation levels by making the right choices. Help us to help you find your element and achieve flow state.

Andrew Hammond works in schools and colleges to deliver INSET training. He writes for a range of educational publishers and magazines. View Andrew’s training and writing credits here: AH credits-2014




Thank you @AndrewJHammond for two inspirational twilight INSET sessions - great fun and thought provoking.
Casterton, Sedbergh Prep School, Nov 2014
An inspiring INSET which got all of the teachers talking and enthused by creativity in the classroom. Andrew was an excellent motivational speaker and we are looking forward to welcoming him back in January
Deputy Head (Academic)
Edge Grove School, Sept 2014
‘Thank you to Andrew Hammond for a fascinating insight into Thinking Skills & philosophy in the classroom. Recommended!’

Adcote School, Sept 2014
Andrew recently delivered a very inspiring and thought provoking INSET on teaching and learning. Many of our teachers stated that it was one of the best INSETs they had ever attended. I would highly recommend Andrew, he is very engaging, not afraid to challenge and offers innovative ideas that will ultimately enrich the educational experience for children.’

Finborough School, Sept 2014